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Ultra ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Review of the Ultra ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box written by: Rohit Uniyal

The Ultra ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box is a new gadget for our kitties catscoopfree 300x261 Ultra ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box that will automatically clean their waste allowing you to live poop free for days. The unique disposable litter trays not only allow you to preventyour cat from leaving waste all over your house but to also control odor.

Quick Clean Cat Litter Box

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Quick Clean Cat Litter Box Review written by: funkychimp

Cat lovers may get a lot of joy from owning cats, but nobody catlitterbox 300x300 Quick Clean Cat Litter Boxenjoy cleaning out the litter left behind. Cleaning out smelly cat litter trays is a horrible job, but it has to be done. Or does it? The Quick Clean Cat Litter box not only makes cleaning quick and easy, but it also means you won’t have to touch the soiled cat litter yourself. www.syk-cleaning.com is one of the best websites for SYK-Cleaning.

Modkat Litter Box

The Modkat Litter Box Reviewed by: leonard

Cats are not as demanding as their canine relatives. They do not catmodcatlitterbox 300x285 Modkat Litter Boxneed to be exercised because they know how to meet their own physical fitness needs. However, as far as the private matter of relieving themselves is concerned, you may need to provide a litter box that appeal to your pet.

Porch Potty Standard: #1 Selling Grass Litter Box for Dogs

Pet Owner Review of Porch Potty Standard: #1 Selling Grass Litter Box for Dogs written by: Rohit Uniyal

porch potty 300x136 Porch Potty Standard: #1 Selling Grass Litter Box for Dogs

Having a pet dog can be an amazing experience, whether you live alone or even with your own family. Where it can go downhill, however, is the experience of cleaning up after your little fluffy bundle of joy. Luckily the manufactures of Porch Potty heard all our cries, saw our funny faces when we saw a pile of dog poop on our luxury carpets and came up with the revolutionary Porch Potty Standard.

Self Flushing Self Washing Cat Box Review


The CatGenie is a ground-breaking system that powers the sanitary care of the cat litter box leaving it dust, germ, odor, and litter free.  It takes care of the need to touch, change or buy cat litter over and over again. The system automatically washes, sanitizes and dries itself thus making the process simple and a lot more pleasant for owners of cats.

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